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Paintings by Students of Iliya Mirochnik enrolled in Painting or College Portfolio Classes.

Bridgeview students of Iliya Mirochnik in Portrait Painting Class. December 2014.

Portrait study by Martin Fuks, oil on canvas.

Man reading, pastel on paper. by Elena Rykoff

Still Life with Roman Head and Cigarettes by Elena Rykoff, oil on canvas.

Portrait of Antonela by Mike Meskin, oil on canvas

Still life, oil on canvas by Tal Bogomolny, HS student.

Portrait of Oliver by Elena Rykoff, pastel on paper.

Study from the female nude, oil on canvas. By Elena Rykoff

Nude Figure study by Tim Dose, Bridgeview alumnus, oil on canvas.

Still life with Velasquez's Self Portrait, oil on canvas by Elena Rykoff.

Still life with a bronze sculpture of poet Alexander Pushkin by Jackie Lantsman, oil on canvas

Still life with a Renaissance bust by Jackie Lantsman, oil on canvas.

High School student Jackie Lantsman working on her still life in oil.

Still Life in oil by Jackie Lantsman

Elena Rykoff working on her still life in oil.

Watercolor portrait by student Elena Rykoff.

Daria Dempse working on her self-portrait

Portrait sketch by Elena Rykoff, oil on canvas

Students of Iliya Mirochnik in Sunday painting class.

Elena Hajekian working on her painting. College Portfolio Class.

Still Life by Elena Hajekian. Collge Portfolio Class.