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Alisa Minyukova

Alisa Minyukova was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. She emigrated to the US at the age of 6. Her art education started at Laguardia HS. After graduating from Laguardia and searching for classical training, she ended up back in St. Petersburg where through the most competitive process she entered into the 6 year MFA program at Mukhina Academy of Arts, one of the oldest and most prestigious art academies in Russia. Upon graduation she had a number of gallery shows in the U.S. and Germany including 2 solo shows in Germany and a group show at Columbia University. A very versatile artist and a highly creative individual, Alisa has been creating and exhibiting a variety of work, including drawings, sculpture and animation. Recently she completed another post-graduate program in Cologne, Germany where her focus was animation.

Alisa is naturally a very creative person, who has no shortage of ideas. She has always felt that having a strong classical foundation is a great way to set yourself free towards any type of art, whether it's traditional of contemporary.

We are honored to have Alisa re-join Bridgeview on her return to the United States and offer her teaching expertise to Bridgeview students.

Example of Alisa's Academic Artwork done at the Mukhina Academy

Example of Current Work

Never Surprised, pen and ink.

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