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Samuel Kudish

Self-portrait, oil on canvas, 1953.

Moika river, St. Petersburg, oil on panel, 1952

Apples, oil on canvas.

Fontanka River, St. Petersburg, oil on panel, 1952

Self Portrait, 1954, oil on panel

Mars Fields, St. Petersburg, oil on panel, 1952

Portrait study, oil on panel, 1954

Yard, oil on pane

click here to view Samuel Kudish's pencil and charcoal sketches
(1941 - 1948)

Professor Kudish’s art training began in the 1950s at the St. Petersburg Academy of Art and Design where he specialized in the techniques of frescoe and mural painting. He continued his studies at the Art Academy of Lvov in West Ukraine. Far away from Moscow and close to Central Europe, the Lvov Academy had been spared the political pressures of the Soviet art establishment allowing it to continue teaching fine arts in the best traditions of the nineteenth century. After completing his studies, Mr. Kudish returned to Moscow where he designed and executed a number of public murals and monuments including a large-scale mosaic at the Moscow airport. In 1970, he moved to Israel to become a full-time Professor of Drawing, Painting and Composition at the Avni Institute of Arts. He taught there and at his private studio for 13 years prior to emigrating to the U.S.

Students of Samuel Kudish

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