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Art by Ausra Pranevecius

Ausra Pranevecius began her studies at Bridgeview at the age of 11 in the class of Galina Dubinskaya for Especially talented children. She then continued with Harout Simonian and Iliya Mirochnik. Bridgeview helped her to prepare for the most competitive auditions into Laguardia High School of Vidual and Performing Arts, where she became a student in 2014. While studying at Laguardia, she continues to take classes at Bridgeview to prepare for College. In the summer of 2012 she participated in Bridgeview Art Camp France where she completed a great number of works and had them on exhibit at the Municipal Exhibit Hall of the town of Fourges, Normandie.

The pen and ink drawings presented below are done by Ausra on her own without any help from instructors. However, she uses the techniques and concepts learnt at Bridgeview in order to create these fantasy-based illustraions out of her head.

Work done in class at Bridgeview. 2012 - 2014.

Coffemaker with pumpkins, watercolor on paper

Seashell, watercolor on paper

Portrait study from model, pencil on paper.

Rose in a Vase, pencil on paper.