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  Best of Bridgeview

This page contains artwork by select Bridgeview students who attended Bridgeview between 2001 and 2008. Unfortunately, some of the work is unsigned, if any of you see that it's yours, please let us know so we can include your name.

Ages 11 - 17

Collage by Lorena Mordukyaev, age 16

Drawing by Christina Bara, age 12

Dancer by Sarah Mateo, age 13, pastel

Landscape study after Levitan by Nina Gengo

Still life by Ruben Manopla, age 13, acrylic on paper

Composition by Olivia Grabar-Sage

Still life study in watercolor by Kelsey Lee

After Renoir by Amanda McColough

After Matisse by Julie Fox, age 16

Still life by Charlotte Thompson

After Degas by Margaret Grabar Sage, pastel

After DeChirico by Tara Platania, acrylic on paper

Still life by Crescent Carvajal

Still life by Liseidy Bueno

Flowers, watercolor by Rachel Batashvili

Ages 7 - 10

Landscape by Victoria Branzan, watercolor

Still life by Fiona Kwai, acrylic on paper

Still life by Amber Bahr

Composition by Jacob Shapiro, acrylic on paper

Mammoth by Shane Stock, pastel

Lizard by Molly Doomchin

Still life by Sarah Jampol, acrylic on paper

Still life by Tal Bogomolny, acrylic on paper

Still life by Stephanie Lee

Composition by Luisa Semerakova, pastel

Relief in clay by Sequoia Cirillo