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  Tim Dose

Tim Dose studied Drawing, Painting and Composition at Bridgeview for four years. His instructors at Bridgeview were Alex Razin and Samuel Kudish. Here are a few pieces from Tim's portfolio including work done after completing Bridgeview courses. Prior to Bridgeview Tim received his BFA from the Syracuse University. Aside from his day job in graphic design Tim now teaches a private beginner painting class at the Bridgeview studios. To see more of Tim Dose's work go to www.timdose.com

Figure study, pencil on paper.

Figure study, oil on canvas

Figure study, oil on canvas

Figure study, oil on canvas

Portrait study, oil on canvas.

Jars, oil on canvas, sketch

Figure study, oil on canvas.

self-portrait study, unfinished, oil on canvas

Portrait study, oil on canvas. Instructor Andrei Chugunov.

Still Life with pink vase, oil on canvas.

Portrait of Alice, oil on canvas.

Still LIfe with Watermelon, oil on canvas, 2004. Instructor Samuel Kudish.

Model holding a sword, oil on canvas.

Plein Air study, oil on canvas.

Figure study, pencil on paper.

Allie, pencil on paper, 2006

on the plane, sketch

pencil sketches

pencil sketches, head studies