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Bridgeview School of Fine Arts in Queens & Manhattan NYC
NYC Art classes in painting, drawing, college portfolio
Filipp Malyavin. Verka, oil on canvas. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Call 718-937-1300 to register or inquire! Fall Semester: September 18 - December 10. You can still join with pro-rated tuition, provided the class is not full.

Kids/Teen Classes

Adult Classes

The school teaches Drawing, Painting & Composition to adults and children. Also offering classes in art portfolio preparation for high school and college.

In business since 2001, Bridgeview teaches centuries-old techniques developed by generations of European masters. These techniques were painstakingly preserved in Russia & Eastern Europe through the 20th century while they were much forgotten in the west. Bridgeview instructors are now passing it on to new generations, and the results are impressive. Our students win prestigious awards, get accepted with generous scholarships to specialized art high schools and colleges, some even sell their work at an early age.

Bridgeview means real art. Inspiring and friendly environment.

Individualized approach in a group setting. Adult groups are limited to 120 and kids to 8 students only.

Complete Beginners welcome. Reasonable fees (kids receive professional grade materials as part of tuition).

We are in Long Island City (Queens), one easy subway stop from Manhattan, close to 3 subway stops. Queensboro Plaza - #7, N, W. Queens Plaza - E, M, R. Queensbridge - F. We are three blocks from the most spectacular waterflont overlooking Manhattan, Queensbridge Park.

While there are many classical art schools today, Bridgeview approach is different. To better understand our teaching approach to both painting and drawing we recommend visiting these pages of artwork done in schools and academies, from which our instructors have graduated.

Russian academic tradition in Drawing

Russian academic tradition in Painting

Congratulations to Bridgeview students accepted into specialized art high schools in NYC! 2017 acceptances.

Victoria Ploszaj - Laguardia
Nathalia Ortega - Laguardia and Frank Sinatra
Rachel Ustoyev - Laguardia and Frank Sinatra
Anastasia James - Laguardia and Art and Design
Joanna Perez-Calderon - Frank Sinatra
Jaden Kaaze - Laguardia
Zane Devlin - Laguardia and Beacon
Nicholas Evangelinos - Laguardia and Stuyvesant
David Khenkin - Art and Design
Maya Gatson - Frank Sinatra
Bence Martin - Laguardia and Frank Sinatra
Jayden Rivera - Art and Design
Daria Podosenina - Laguardia and Frank Sinatra
Bianca Matiz - Frank Sinatra
Olivia Hampton - Frank Sinatra
Lucas Chavez - Laguardia and Frank Sinatra
Bryanna McMillan - Art and Design
Anna Zorin - Laguardia and Stuyvesant
Victoria Ploszaj - Laguardia
Maria Levesanos - Bayside

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Lena Murray, founder and Director of Bridgeview, was featured by the Voice of America Russian Language Service, July 2012

Art Classes for Children

Painting demonstration by Bridgeview instructors and alumni. January 2010

Portrait Sculpture Workshop taught by Tatyana Zhurkov. April 2010

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